The Law Enforcement Council (the Council) is a public legal entityfor Curacao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba) established by Kingdom Act of July 7, 2010.
The Council is charged with the general inspection of the organizations within the judicial system – with the exception of the Common Court of Justice – in Curacao, St. Maarten, Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. The Council inspects on the effectiveness, the quality of the performance of duties and management. In addition, the Council is charged with the overall inspection of the quality and effectiveness of judicial cooperation between the countries.
In accordance with Article 19 of the Kingdom Act, the Council informs that for 2016  the following studies are planned (subject to change):
1) Baseline study Miss Lalie Center (screening):
2) Prostitution policy (thematic)
3) Victim (review):
4) Investigation Process Sint Maarten (review):
5) Judicial cooperation Coast Guard (thematic)
6) Adult Probation (review):
7) Surveillance and protection of persons and objects (thematic):
As a result of unforeseen or changed circumstances, the investigations may be  carried out at a later stage. In the event such a circumstance arises, the Council will address the Ministry of (Security and) Justice of the country.
Monitoring recommendations
The Council has in recent years carried out a number of inspections of the quality of (parts of) the tasks performed by the organizations within the judicial chain. The reports contain a large number of findings, conclusions and recommendations. With this, the Council aims to contribute to improving the quality in performance. It is evident that not all recommendations could have been implemented by the organizations involved. The Council will examine the state of play with regard to the previous recommendations. The results of this survey may lead to conduct a review investigation or to inform the minister concerned about these results.
Promoting expertise
The Council is working systematically to further improve quality. The Council operates on the principle that the internal expertise is constantly enhanced, where necessary with multidisciplinary expertise. In 2016, the Council strengthens the quality and expertise through the continued setting up the organization and completion of specialization and knowledge within the branches. For the coming year and beyond  in any case the Council will work on the set up of a knowledge base and developing organizational expertise.
State law enforcement
The Kingdom Act stipulates that the Council issues a State of law in connection with his work on the previous year. The Council aims to bring this State inspection transcending findings to the attention of the minister and the representative body in question.